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Brosberg ProLine sheep clipper 350W

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Professional Brosberg ProLine sheep clipper 350W

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Brosberg ProLine - the highest quality professional sheep shearing machine. This sheep clipper has an extremely reliable and powerful 350W engine and the latest German design. Thanks to this refined mechanical part, the clipper can withstand even greater loads, doesn't overheat and is easier to handle. This model has a special high-power cooling system, which allows the engine to operate even faster!

Brosberg ProLine electric clipper meet EN 602233, EN 60335-2-8, EN 60335-1 and CE (European Union) quality and safety requirements. This model has a special emergency stop function which automatically stops the engine if necessary.

Engine outputs 3000 rpm. - Working on such rotations, the flywheel can use the maximum power at least as much as possible. Even with this massive increase in engine power, a small notebook weight is maintained - only 1450 g. The design of the machine is optimized for maximum ergonomics. It's unbelievably convenient to use the sheep clipper. This sheep machine is designed not for professional use only, but is also beginner friendly.


This sheep clipper has high quality branded clipper blades (1 set). If you are looking for the best quality sheep clipper for an optimal price - this is it!


Brosberg ProLine sheep clipper 350W!

Manufacturer: Germany

Engine: 350W

Cutting speed: 3000 rpm

Voltage: 240V

Frequency: 50 Hz

Length: 36 cm

Brush blade: 13 teeth

Front disc: 4 teeth

Blade width: 80mm

Cord length: 5 m

Weight: 1450g

Speed: 6

Warranty: 12 months!


Comfortable and sturdy suitcase for carrying the machine

Cleaning brush

Oil for lubrication

User manual

Tools for blade assembly

Professional sheep shearing clipper

High quality branded cutting blades (1 set)

Warranty - 12 Months GUARANTEE!

Manufacturer: Germany